The Original Pathway

By | August 8, 2020

Pathway” has become a well known trendy expression inside the field of worldwide training. Have you at any point thought about what the first pathway to a college degree was and still is?

Junior colleges in America, initially named junior schools, have existed for well longer than a century, with the main freely subsidized two-year foundation opening in 1901. They are a particularly American development. Santa Clause Rosa Junior College (SRJC) was set up in 1918, making it one of the most seasoned of California’s 114 junior colleges.

In 1918, there were no other junior colleges found north of San Francisco. Stanford University and UC Berkeley supported for the advancement of SRJC, which permitted these colleges to concentrate their assets on exploration and understudies in their third and fourth long periods of winning four year college educations.

Therefore, the SRJC hues are red (from Stanford University) and blue (from UC Berkeley). The SRJC mascot is the bear whelp and mirrors the school’s association with UC Berkeley “Cal Bears.”

The pathway from a junior college to a college is presently regularly alluded to as the “2 + 2 pathway.” Students can begin their four year certification at a junior college and afterward effectively move to a college to finish it.

Numerous SRJC understudies move to highest level colleges over the U.S., and over 80% of SRJC understudies who apply to a University of California (UC) grounds are acknowledged. Understudies get similar great instruction and a similar degree, yet for a far lower cost.

The crucial junior colleges is to give access to advanced education to ALL understudies by spearheading an open-entryways affirmation strategy and a foundation that grasps a differing understudy body. Notwithstanding the effectively low educational cost, SRJC offers grants and work chances to counterbalance the expense of instruction.

With in excess of 100 majors, the program alternatives are immense. Understudies can examine science, business, PC considers, building, nursing, and more in the best in class offices on the grounds in Santa Rosa. Guests can’t resist the urge to see the ivy-secured block structures, the transcending oak trees, the blossom plants, the wandering pathways, and manicured gardens.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the most wonderful grounds in the California Community College System. Likewise, SRJC has a 365-section of land ranch and a culinary expressions community where understudies can examine animal science, culinary expressions, enology, feasible farming, viticulture, wine business, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

SRJC is situated in Sonoma County, which is the core of northern California’s stunningly excellent wine nation. With the Pacific Ocean toward the west, the Sierra Nevada Mountains toward the east, and a few lakes and waterways close by, climbing, cruising, skiing, surfing, boating, kayaking, and cycling are on the whole effectively open.

San Francisco is anything but difficult to get to by open transportation where understudies can go out on the town to shop, ride a world-well known trolley, visit historical centers, go to celebrations, thus considerably more.

A people group is where everybody is esteemed and has a place. SRJC is a junior college where understudies find that they can flourish scholastically, investigate profession ways, and make long lasting companions in a mindful, strong condition. We welcome you to join the SRJC people group, and discover your pathway.

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