Masters in data science in USA

By | March 7, 2021

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Big data has recently become the hottest topic in the technology industry. As more and more data and bits are poured, the need to manage and use them becomes great.

In simple terms, MS in data science is an interdisciplinary field that involves combining scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to solve complex analytical problems by extracting knowledge or data in different forms and applying them in a structured form or unstructured.

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According to a more complex reference, data science is “the concept of combining statistics, data analysis, machine learning and related techniques” to “understand and analyze real-world phenomena” with data.

Why choose the USA?

Undoubtedly, the USA is the dream destination for a majority of international students. There were countless students in the United States who wanted to pursue graduate studies. So far we know, the US is a top student destination for international students but in my opinion, it should be a top priority destination for students willing to pursue a graduate degree in Data Science.

The United States is the largest data analysis and processing market in the world. The main benefit of obtaining an MS in data science in the US is access to a large number of future vacancies. It is also one of the most mature markets for data science analysis and development.

Top universities for master’s degree in data science in USA

1. Stanford University

Stanford University is a world-renowned private research university. It was founded in 1891 and is located in Stanford, California. It is a higher education institution famous for its academic excellence and excellent research capabilities. It has a large number of students: over 15,000 students are enrolled in undergraduate and graduate courses.

The master’s degree in statistics and data science at Stanford is a two-year program that is one of the best data science courses in the world.

It consists of 45 sections, and the basic courses include: Numerical Linear Algebra, Discrete Mathematics and Algorithms, Optimization, Stochastic Methods in Engineering or Random Algorithms and Probabilistic Analysis, Introduction to Statistical Inference, Introduction to Regression Models and Variance Analysis, or Introduction to Statistics. Modeling, modern applied statistics: training and modern applied statistics: data exploitation

2. Columbia Business School

Columbia University is a top private research institute, also known as part of the prestigious Ivy League Institutes. It was founded in 1754 and is the fifth oldest university in the United States. Many major educational publications have included him in the top ten universities in the world.

The Master of Science in Data Science is an 18-month long program consisting of 30 credits and is one of the best one on the country. Basic courses include probability theory, algorithms for data science, inference and statistical modeling, computer systems for data science, machine learning for data science, and analysis and visualization of exploratory data. The program provides a good basis for machine learning and programming, as well as hands-on experience.

3. New York University

New York University or better known as NYU is a private research university with 3 campuses around the world. It was founded in 1831 and is headquartered in Greenwich Village, New York. NYU is ranked among the top 30 universities in the world by World University Academic Rankings, Times Higher Education World University Rankings and the U.S.A. News & World Report in 2018.

NYU’s MS in Data Science program is renowned for its excellent academic program. The duration of the program is 2 years, and the basic structure of the course includes Introduction to data science, probabilities and statistics for data science, machine learning and Big Data. The course contains 36 credits and is focused on providing students with practical knowledge about the subject studied.

4. University of Southern California

The University of Southern California or the USC is a world-renowned private research American University located in Los Angeles, California.It was founded in 1880 and is the oldest research institution in California. USC has historically trained a large number of national business leaders and professionals.

The MS in Computer Science, with data science on the way, is a two-year course with 32 credits. The main courses of the program are the analysis of algorithms, database systems and the basic elements of artificial intelligence. It is specially designed for individuals who excel in mathematics and quantitative analysis.

5. University of California Berkeley

The University of California at Berkeley, commonly known as the University of California at Berkeley, is a renowned public research institution. It was founded in 1868 and is based in Berkeley, California. It is approved as the main institution of the ten research universities that make up the UCLA system. It is constantly considered a top institution. Berkeley ranks 5th in the international ranking of world universities, 27th in the global ranking of QS universities, 15th in the Times Higher Education ranking of world universities, 4th in the global ranking of US News & World Report universities and is 6th university with the best reputation (4th in the US) in the Times Higher Education world ranking.

The MS in Informatics and Data Science is a 2-year long course that focuses on building skills necessary to manage and analyze data at both technical and managerial upfront.


Data science is truly a degree of the future. From a futuristic point of view, getting a degree in data science is the best career move you can make. However, obtaining a master’s degree in data science is like a dream come true for most international students. This not only guarantees a high quality of education, but also an American education offers maximum job security with a high salary.

It not only provides you a high pay but also earns you a lot of respect and makes your hold at the workplace. In my opinion, considering the present market conditions, it will be wisest to go for a master degree in Data Science from a top class university in order to give a great kick start to your career.

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