How To Use Whatsapp Group Video Call

By | December 25, 2017
 The world’s largest messaging company, WhatsApp Apps, has launched its new feature in its app and has also started it for users. Now with this feature, WhatsApp users will also be able to use voice calling with group video calling. Previously, WhatsApp was info about the top feature of this very usefull group video call in the Developers Meeting that took place every year.

How To Use Whatsapp Group Video Call
How To Use Whatsapp Group Video Call

About this, WhatsApp has launched gtoup video call this feature for its iOS users And Android All worldwide and now users can use this feature. In the meantime, WhatsApp said that clients spend in regards to 2 billion minutes on video calls. It additionally demonstrates that the general population in the gathering video call are enthusiastically pausing. Under this feature, four people can be connected at one time. Previously, the group video call on WhatsApp as was given in 2016, but only two people can connect at this time. Now with the help of this new feature, increase four people will be able to make video calls at one time. At the same time, this feature company has been claimed that this feature will also work well on a low network.

How To Use Whatsapp Group Video Call
How To Use Whatsapp Group Video Call

How To Make Group Video Call:-

    First of all, open Whatsapp on your phone and call on the contact with which to make a video call.
    Then click the option of video calling in the app in the Users app and on the other hand wait for a user to pick up the call.
    After the call is picked up, users will see an option to add other users to the right.
    After pressing this option, the contacts of the rest of the users will be displayed.
    Now, if you want to add the contact to this video call, then click on the contact.
    When the user calls the third user, he will see two other users in the option. After this, all users can make group video calls.

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