how to create blog post and Published 2021

By | April 3, 2021

how to create a blog post and Published

How to Create a blog that is my question because many people know that how to do it, but they don’t know which is a better post for your blogger website. I have a Different technique for small bloggers and anyone who is working on blogger because if you are posting only a post without SEO then this post is ok near you but near search engine, it’s not Good.

How to create a post on blogger and which post is Good, Techniques is here, post title should be with SEO Rules, how many words is better on your post, insert Internal link on your post, very important thing create an accurate picture for your post and add alternatives tags, adding labels, permalinks, Keyword Density, how to add search description for your post that is some technique which you can learn about this in below this post.

how to create a blog post and Published

How to Create Blog post good Title

Best and better blogger post title name should be 60 character Search engine will show on Search on 60 Character if you will use more than above 60 then it will not be shown on the result but I suggest you only use 55 Character not use more Character means ‘Yasir’ is five Character So Use like above method if you want to increase your visitor.

How many words should a blog post

For a Blogger post you can write 250 words for normal level if you are a bigger blogger website don’t add 100 words and less it wrong for Search, Maney of blogger expert are said about this technique don’t use more than 600 words but on my suggestion 700 words are very better for best Search, users Attraction and more Maney benefits, because top 10 Article writing website will allow 700 words per article and Google will prefer 700 words.

How to optimize images for blogger post

Optimize Images is a very Good and Better tip for you and it’s a good technique if you want your Post picture will be shown on Search result Simply first open your adobe photoshop and insert an image which you want to optimize click file and go to optimize images for web Select low-Quality jpeg file and save it after that add alternative tags which you can learn completely with step by step tutorials how to optimize images for blogger or web.

Add Internal Links Within Blogger Post

Internal links within your blogger post why are better internal links for your post because if you do add internal links with your one of post Google will again Index your old post. what are these links that mean your blog URL it’s your domain name each this URL post called internal links.

Advantages of adding this example you just create one post you are going to internal linking older your website links where a visitor is not coming after published this new post when Google index this new post also will index your internal links again that way your visitor will come again on your older post and another advantage with this links your blog Alexa rank will be increased for more details watch below video?

What is keyword density & Formula?

Keyword density is very important for your post if you will write your post with rules of keyword density then it’s better for u & Search otherwise Google will Consider you are a spammer, What is Keyword Density? that means how many keywords you can add on your post it’s keyword will be your main title name let’s example my title name blog post or post now you will find how many keywords in my post many of tools for checking keyword density. But I have a formula of keyword Density with this you can find how many keywords in your post

what is the formula for keyword density

if you write your post 250 words formula is here every hundred words you can add two main keywords on your post 250 means you can add 5 main title keywords, same like if you have 400 words on your post you can add eight main keywords,

100 Words Two Keywords and 250 words 5 keywords 400 words Eight keywords, 500 Words 10 Keywords, 700 words 14 keywords

So in this way, you can find keywords how to find the formula for keyword density Simply Open your word press insert the Article on the bottom left side you can see how many words on your post with Complete details of this watch below the video.

Above all Technique is better for your SEO to post some more techniques for you which is the list below.

  • Labels
  • Schedule
  • Links
  • Location
  • Search Description
  • Options

If you want to learn about this please watch the below videos where you can get details of the above six tools.

How to add post search description in blogger

Post Search Description is most important for Search engine because when you will create a post and published after Indexing on Google this post will be on Google search Result but the bottom of post title you can see Search description that means this will show of visitor what is about your post and if you will add this Google will prefer your post so, add post search description relevant to your post it will be shown on Search Result, also add for better SEO on your blog via adding robots.txt file and header tags. Learn complete details below the video.

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