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Top creative Christmas display advertising campaign

Nevertheless, using a creative management platform (CMP) for your display advertising means that there is no hurry to join the herd. Design, scale and publish campaigns on days rather than weeks. But if you’re a bit stuck for creative ideas for the holidays, this post will help with some inspiration! 1. Buy the best A… Read More »

3 biggest barriers to in-housing

There is a revolution in marketing. Thousands of brands are choosing to pick up some, if not all, of their marketing functions to do in-house. In fact, according to a special Bannerflow and Digid report, 91% of decision makers believe that in-housing is now the new normal. Yet the rather large statistic hides some notable… Read More »

Why travel brands need a creative management

Creative management platforms (CMPs) are revolutionizing the way travel marketers are doing business. Simply put, they are a new, more effective way of doing engineer work. In this article, we outline the 12 features and tools of Premium CMP that enable travel marketers to easily create exceptional advertising. 1. A versatile advertising manufacturer In a… Read More »

3 ways leading travel brands increase

Display display ads can often be a challenge for travel brands. With reduced customer loyalty, multiple touchpoints across channels and increasing competition; It is not enough to offer exciting destinations at reasonable prices. This is why leading brands have adapted their display advertising, using new strategies to increase the relevance and success of their campaigns.… Read More »

Is display advertising still effective?

From time to time we hear the question again क्या Is this advertisement not dead ‘For years now, bloggers and authors have been announcing the end of this advertising format. Yet display advertising is not going away. Actually, digital advertising spending is actually increasing! And how can they increase the effectiveness of their own advertisements?… Read More »