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How travel brands can tackle cart

Cart abandonment is an issue that is facing many brands in the age of online shopping. But nowhere is this more evident than in the travel industry. In fact, travel marketers are facing many challenges associated with changes in consumer behavior. With a long sales cycle, multiple touchpoints, emerging OTAs, D2C, and competition from an… Read More »

Finding the balance between ROI and creativity

Is there a rush to enter creativity in marketing at home? Has Maths Man Finally Outlasted Mad Men of Madison Avenue? Or – like, many other movements – things that are just a bit more complicated? In a recent report on in-housing in Europe by Bannerflow and Digiday, some startling facts about creativity and return… Read More »

E-commerce trends to pay

A 15% spike in vacation expenses is estimated. Meanwhile, mobile sales have increased in 2018 and indicated that our location is not only growing but also evolving. As a result, traders cannot rest on their laurel and expect a similar growth in 2019. There is no better time to assess today’s top e-commerce trends and… Read More »

Best winter display ad campaign

Bannerflow’s mission statement is to help marketing teams easily create exceptional ads. Using our tools, Bannerflow customers can create truly creative campaigns. Yet sometimes, some demonstration campaigns really stand out. This is what this blog is about – celebrating the best of the best! the winner: The best display advertising campaign of Winter 2019 Bannerflow… Read More »

What is display advertising?

In this article, we answer the most common questions related to displaying advertisements. what is this? how does it work? What are its key features? This is an introduction to the effective form of online advertising and why you should use it as part of your marketing strategy. 1. What is a display or banner… Read More »