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Is in-house marketing the new normal?

In-house marketing is dramatically changing the way brands and agencies are operating across Europe. According to a new BannerFloor and Digid report, an astonishing 91 percent of brand decision-makers have pursued marketing, or all, for their indoors. Transparency, greater control over creative, and better return on investment (ROI) are just some of the reasons. Did… Read More »

7 benefits of in-house as defined

In-house marketing is no longer a wild frontier. Furthermore, according to an exclusive Bannerflow and Digid report, 91% of decision makers believe that housing is now the new normal. Nevertheless, the question is: why? Why are brands choosing to take their marketing in-house? 1. Cost saving One of the primary motivators behind in-housing is cost… Read More »

Mass-production of your travel

It is important to prepare all the banners required for the travel campaign. By 2020, global advertising spending on mobile alone is set to reach $ 247.4 billion. Therefore it is necessary to measure all your messages from the small screen to the largest scale. In this blog, we elaborate on how a creative management… Read More »

How Lonely Planet creates

Ever since the founding of Lonely Planet in the 1970s, it has adapted to a constantly changing industry landscape. As an online publisher, he works with both internal and external customers to create engaging and engaging display campaigns. To master the display e-book of our travel marketer guide, we spoke to Zach Keller, led UX… Read More »

5 ways to be creative and data-driven

Creating data-driven display ads is essential for today’s marketers. And the trick to creating a high performance campaign is to use this data to inform the creative process. In this article, we describe five ways marketers can be both creative and data-driven, including: Using a heatmap to aid the design process  Adaptation through A /… Read More »