Top creative Christmas display advertising campaign

By | November 17, 2019

Nevertheless, using a creative management platform (CMP) for your display advertising means that there is no hurry to join the herd. Design, scale and publish campaigns on days rather than weeks.

But if you’re a bit stuck for creative ideas for the holidays, this post will help with some inspiration!

1. Buy the best

A jingle and a jolly Santa do not have to be included to classify a Christmas ad as a successful celebration. In fact, simplicity is equally effective when done well.

Take this ad by Best Buy.

There are three simple frames that begin with a question and end with a product offering. The design is clean, the copy is straight to the point, and the animated elements are smooth and highly visible. Snowflake has all the signs needed for Christmas and is easy to include using HTML5 widgets from Premium CMP.

2. Cosmopolitan

The Cosmopolitan Hotel keeps it clean and captivating with this advertisement. This winter-themed advertisement led by bold imagery, colors and value caught the eye.

They are also a brand that effectively uses retargeting and storytelling for their direct response campaigns.

The results showed that retargeted banners performed better than those without. To advertise a successful celebration, invest in a comprehensive media buying strategy and watch your engagement as a result.

3. George Jensen

Video is an incredibly effective tool, no matter the channel. George Jensen’s business depends largely on sales in the festive period, accounting for about 35% of their annual sales, so creating exceptional banner ads is a necessity.

For Caspar Seerlev, head of brand and content at George Jensen, premium elements are incredibly important for banner design. Video We perform 3 to 6 times better without seeing our video banners. What’s more, by connecting the video with dynamic content, we are able to offer the product to various audiences. ‘

With these advertisements, George Jensen has not only produced high-quality display advertising, but leveraged them with complete continuity to tell a story from social on his website. The brand is definitely one to watch festive advertising, both now and in the future.

4. Shutterstock

Shutterstock has millions of high-quality images that add captivating effects to the design of its banner ads. High quality imagery and bright colors are used for their always impact on campaigns. Nevertheless, for this particular advertisement, simplicity is important.

The Shutterstock team has also invested heavily in where their advertisements appear. These ads can be seen throughout the Internet for display, but also on the middle pages for design-themed publications.

This is not only an effective celebration strategy, it is something important throughout the year. In the post-GDPR scenario, contextual targeting is becoming increasingly popular.

5. Norwegian

Here’s a question: Why make your ads all themed? After all, if you’re a travel brand, why not entice consumers with white sandy beaches, crystal clear water and hot sun? It certainly seems more enticing than a wet London winter…

Better yet, go ahead and personalize your creative and it depends on location, browsing history or demographic data. The possibilities are endless with creative creative. Advertising the right person at the right time is as important as Christmas.

6. Waited

At first glance, there is nothing particularly notable about Waitrose’s Christmas ad. Simple image, classic call to action and logo are all included but lack animated or dynamic features.

Nevertheless, it is a perfect example of how a brand awareness demonstration campaign can contribute to an omnichannel strategy. The ad serves as a simple reminder of TV advertising – which has been rated high this season.

An effective omnichannel strategy is equally important to make Christmas advertising attractive as an effective banner.

7. Mark and Spencer

Continuity in your brand design is not the only important consideration for your ads. M&S demonstrated that consistency in messaging can be just as effective. Rep should be a repeat factor for each product variation of their ad.

Continuity in your advertising is important. But so too is a clear theme from advertising to landing page. M&S has fully demonstrated this and what’s more, with a CMP, all can be done within a single platform by creating a banner through the landing page.


For any e-commerce business, being able to link products directly from your list is essential for advertising a celebration.

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